Staged Inspections

Most building companies in Adelaide employ a site supervisor to manage and oversee the individual trades that they sub-contract to help build your home. However, as licensed trades, each contractor can sign off on the quality of their own work. This is then meant to be double checked by the supervisor to ensure all is going to plan. However, when the pressures on and supervisors are looking after multiple projects on tight deadlines things may get missed, corners cut jobs may get rushed or worse seen by the builder and covered up which can lead to problems. As independent site inspectors, we are here to make sure that that does not happen.

All staged reports will be emailed same day and we can liaise with the builder on your behalf if needed.

As every house is a different size & shape there’s not a one price fits all please call for a fixed price quote on your property.

If you are unable to attend inspection we will give you a call with a rundown off inspection and available 7 days a week should you need clarification.

Stage 1: Concrete Footings (pre & post pour)

Pre Pour Checks:

  • That your waterproof membrane is installed correctly and free from holes
  • The correct size steel work has been used and installed correctly
  • Plumbing is in the right places & installed correctly
  • Termite protection is in place around all pipe penetrations
  • Footing and trench depths are correct.
  • That all work meets Australian standards

Post Pour Checks: 

  • For any defects to the concrete
  • The slab is level
  • Edge rebate is correct.
  • That all work meets Australian standards
Stage 2: Roof and Wall Frames


  • That your building frame meets all required Australian standards
  • That connections to the slab and roof are correct
  • That the framework has been built according to site plans
  • Termite protection has been installed correctly
  • That the framework does not overhang the slab excessively
  • Rooms are correct sizes
  • All bracing installed correctly as per plans
Stage 3: Roof Covers and External Cladding


  • That brick ties are installed correctly and in the right position
  • Bricks do not overhang the slab excessively
  • Mortar joints are correct sizes
  • Control joints are in the correct position and sizes
  • Damp course installed correctly
  • Correct amount of weep holes have been installed and check effective drainage
  • Ventilation points are in the right positions
  • The walls are square
  • Doors ,windows and their frames are installed correctly
  • Roof has been installed and braced correctly
  • Roof flashings have been installed correctly
  • That all work meets Australian standards
Stage 4: Wet Areas


  • Water proofing is free from defects/holes
  • Water proofing has been done to Australian standards
  • Water proofing is the right height and width
  • The right products have been used as per Australian standards
Stage 5: Practical Completion

A detailed building inspection will be conducted once the builder is satisfied that the construction process is complete and after a final clean has been undertaken.

  • We will go over your new build with a fine-tooth comb to ensure everything is as it should be.
  • We will report on any defects found or items not built to Australian standards and raise these concerns with your builder (this ideally needs to be done one week before hand over).
  • Check that all work meets Australian standards.

What Our Clients Say


Currently only offering pool inspections.